Silver Spoon Culinary Competition

SilverSpoon7We’ve taken the concept of television’s Iron Chef show and created our own version of this exciting event, geared toward home cooks.

Participants are arranged into teams and given a basic outline of their task. A deadline is given and the fun begins.

The teams come up with their best recipes to be presented to the judges. And, let the best team win. Silver Spoon events can be customized for your particular group and needs.

Sample Options:

Silver Spoon Mystery Ingredients

Prior to the event, teams are given a list of identical food ingredients, kitchen utensils and appliances that they will have access to at the competition as well as a theme guideline and general rules. Just prior to the event, however, they are also given one or more secret ingredients that must be utilized in each of their dishes. A time limit is set and the teams are off and running.

Culinary_CompetitionSilver Spoon Cook Off

Each team preselects their recipes, provides a shopping list for all of their items, and creates one or two dishes to present to the judges.

Silver Spoon Mystery Basket

All ingredients are secret until the beginning of the competition.

A panel of three pre-selected judges will then evaluate each team’s courses based upon taste, presentation and originality. The judging panel may consist of The Seasoned Chef and The Gourmet Spoon Team, local celebrities, local culinary professionals or the client’s own selected VIPs. Prior to the event, Chef Dan will meet with your team to determine the goals of the competition and design the parameters for judging and prizes.