Private Instruction for Young People: Sticky Spoons to Spoon, Jr.

Thanks to an entire host of televised culinary shows, teens and pre-teens are fascinated with cooking.

youngChefs-300x217If your child is showing a strong interest in the culinary arts, whether to share with family and friends, or examine the possibility of a career in the foodservice industry, a private, hands-on cooking class may be the best starting place. We offer private, personalized cooking workshops for kids from ages 8 to 18.

The Gourmet Spoon offers single and multi-day workshops to educate your kids in the fundamentals of great food. We can also create an unparalleled culinary series to satisfy even the most ardent curiosity. Formats include: Basic Cooking Techniques, Basic Baking Techniques, Ethnic Foods from around the World, Knife Skills Workshops and Specialty Classes, from fondue to souffles.

KidscookingCKWhether it is a birthday celebration, a seasonal family gathering or getting ready to go off to college, we will customize a menu to stir up your child’s culinary curiosity. These classes can either be conducted in the comfort of your home or in our kitchen. If taught in your home, we will be happy to bring any additional kitchen equipment that is needed at no extra cost. Group size can be from 6 to 20. Individual instruction is also available.

When proper cooking skills are instilled at an early age, young people will grow up with a better understanding of good food, and make healthier dietary choices in their adult lives. The kids won’t be disappointed. And neither will you!