A Day in Your Kitchen

dayInKitchen-300x217If you have recently purchased a new home or remodeled the kitchen in your current home, you may find the technology of your new appliances to be a bit too complex and confusing.

For instance, “What is convection and why should I use it?” The competition among kitchen appliance manufacturers is comparable to manufacturers of PCs and laptops; the technology is constantly being improved. In fact, some of the newest ovens even have onboard computer chips.

With the assistance of Chef Dan and his Team, we will take all of the little mysteries out of the new appliances, so you can cook and entertain with confidence and ease.

dayInKitchen2-300x217We offer two packages:

  • a 2-hour, 3-recipe demonstration with pre-consultation for two to four guests,
  • and a 4-hour, interactive, 4 course gourmet meal for up to six guests with pre-consultation.

Both packages include complete recipe packets, shopping, cooking preparation, instruction and full clean-up.

This also makes a fantastic house-warming or realtor closing gift.

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