Team Building Testimonials

What our clients are saying about us…

  • testimonials“…Chef Dan was incredibly accommodating in our quest to combine a team building activity with a holiday party for staff and gifts for them to take home and share with their families. There was so much attention to detail… Chef Dan also pulled together a very welcoming and helpful staff who kept things running smoothly and took extra attention to help out any group or individual that was struggling. Everyone was very impressed. The skills learned were a bonus and the fun and camaraderie we experienced were great. We can’t wait to design our event for this year.”
  • “Our objective was to give a large group (70 in total) the opportunity to get to know each other in a different setting. Once everyone started preparing the meal, the atmosphere changed considerably.  People were very relaxed, they took the assignment seriously, and they realized a sense of accomplishment when it all came together.  I received very favorable comments from a number of the participants after the event.  I would highly recommend this team building event to other organizations. The food was outstanding.  You indicated that we cooked it and we were responsible for the finished product, but I believe you absolutely influenced the outcome by providing fresh ingredients, quality instruction, and years of experience in pulling it all together.   Thank you very much.  It was a pleasure working with you and your staff Dan.”
  • “This event greatly exceeded our expectations.”
  • “This was the best team building event we ever had.”
  • “We really appreciated Chef Dan’s attention to detail and his help with us to work on our inner communication issues.”
  • “Our company has had team building events in New York City, San Francisco and London. The Gourmet Spoon’s format was by far the best!”
  • “The Gourmet Spoon knows what ‘team building’ truly is. And our staff is the proof!”
  • “Chef Dan knows his business! He’s a first rate instructor and terrific team building leader.”
  • “The Gourmet Spoon may be a small company but they certainly produce BIG results!”
  • “We had some serious communication and inter-departmental issues at our company. Since our team building exercise with The Gourmet Spoon, the changes and improvements have been amazing!”